Each Builder Studio that is part of ARCHITECTS STUDIO JAPAN can respond to a variety of requests.
■ Single-unit homes
New single-family houses Consumers today want more attractive homes than the standard, mass-produced houses that have become the norm in postwar Japan. For many people, a home is their most valuable personal asset; it also constitutes part of the country’s housing stock. All are important reasons ASJ is committed to delivering high quality and lasting value. Highly flexible homebuilding with architects
■ Renovations
Extension & reconstruction Remodeling Maintenance and repair work are needed to preserve the value of a home. But renovations can be made much more exciting by enlisting the services of an architect—not only can you choose from a plethora of materials, you can also identify design changes that will harmonize your home with your current lifestyle. Change of lifestyles with craftsmen’s skills
■ Medical facilities
Medical facilities Care houses Healthcare providers are a vital part of social infrastructure. Whether you are planning a small clinic or a major hospital, our experience will ensure that the layout and external design enhance their immediate environment, and that the interior architecture facilitates efficient, effective care. Propose the construction of medical facilities and doctors' offices of the 21st century
■ Rental properties
Condominiums Profit-earning real estates City planning We can help you design and build attractive multi-unit residences that meet local market needs. We also handle renovations, which can help to reduce vacancies and generate a reliable stream of income. Implement the future community development
■ Commercial developments
Commercial facilities New construction & reconstruction The right design and site-specific planning can increase the value of commercial properties and promote the success of tenant businesses. ASJ’s operational expertise will help you evaluate cost efficiencies in the design stage. Highly creative designers’ shops
■ Assisted living facilities
Vacation house construction ASJ WiLL is a one-stop service for anyone considering an assisted living facility for seniors. Our support program covers all phases of business development—from researching needs in the surrounding community to formulating business plans and documentation. We also support operations after the facility is built, making this type of project an attractive business possibility for property-owners. Vacation house construction across Japan
■ Vacation homes
Ecology Second homes were once enjoyed only by the very wealthy. However, improvements in transportation, rural development, and the greater availability of loans have put a weekend getaway within the reach of many more people. ASJ’s national network of Builder Studios can help you create a place to recharge, away from the stresses of daily life. People and environment friendly natural houses
■ Sustainable building
Accommodation facilities Restaurants Helped by government incentives, homeowners are increasingly applying designs and products to make their homes more energy-efficient and cost-effective to heat and cool. From sophisticated equipment such as solar-energy systems and solar-powered water heaters to familiar solutions such as insulation, we can help you build a more environmentally sustainable home or retrofit an existing one. ASJ温泉宿再生project!

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