Architects Studio Japan is based on a network of architects active throughout Japan.

The past decade has seen great change in the way people approach a new-home purchase. Rather than buy a ready-built house, more and more people would like to engage an architect to plan a home that matches their lifestyles. In response to this growing need, various companies and systems have emerged to match architects to clients.
This development has been a boon for prospective homeowners looking for something different—something other than the uniform floor plans offered by major housing firms. But ASJ offers more than matchmaking. That’s because we would like future homeowners to consider the next step: construction.
Developing the plan is important, but so are quality and cost. Will your home be built properly? Are the costs appropriate? Your plan needs to be executed right, and the costs need to be within your budget in order to go ahead. And you certainly don’t need additional referral fees or duplicate management costs.
This is why ASJ focuses not just on architects, but also on the role of building companies and contractors. We have formed partnerships with reputable builders throughout Japan and licensed our system to them. At last, individuals and businesses who need the services of an architect can work within a clearly-defined service framework that also provides technical expertise, cost control, and on-site project management. We hope that you will choose ASJ and our network members to make your plans a reality.