One of the Japan’s largest networks of architects Japan’s largest network of architects and Builder Studios
Our registered architects are based in every region—from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south—and are active in every type of project. Our Builder Studios are operated by reputable construction companies throughout Japan.
Adoption of the membership system (ASJ Academy Members) Membership opens doors to a wealth of resources
For a one-time fee of 30,000 yen, you are invited to become a member of ASJ Academy, which will provide consultations to help you develop your design concept. There are no annual fees, and members receive our publications, access to past project designs, and invitations to seminars and tours.
Completion guarantee system of ASJ
No transportation and travel expenses necessary ASJ pays architects' transportation expenses
Many architects limit their involvement to projects in their current geographical area because of the expense associated with travel, but ASJ makes it possible for all our registered architects to work anywhere in Japan. Members can access all past projects and engage the architect of their choice.
Cost lineup Expertise
Our architects and Builder Studios can help you design and build the home of your dreams, whatever the scale of your property and in whatever style you envision. We also have extensive experience with larger projects, from multiunit housing to commercial buildings and public facilities.